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June plants

Roses blossom best in June, flooding our senses with colour and scent. The first flush is the biggest and the leaves, some still carrying the scarlet colouring of new growth, are green, often glossy, and in the peak of health as the stresses and strains of the summer haven’t yet taken their toll.

All of the roses in these pictures were being grown in Glasgow in 2019, in the Glasgow International Rose Trials which are held every year in Tollcross Park. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited along to the judging day in late August for many years and have always looked forward to it. Apart from the joy of spending a morning assessing the plants in what is always an immaculately kept garden of roses (beautifully laid out in the shape of a Rennie Mackintosh rose), the welcome you get in Glasgow is very hard to beat.

Growing plants, comparing plants, writing about plants.

The world of plants is vast and can be daunting, but the pleasure of gardening is in learning what works; for you, for your garden and for the natural world around you. There’s no right or wrong, no better or worse, no-one else can tell you what to grow.

Join me in an exploration of plants. I’ll be updating this website regularly with some of the many new introductions that come onto the market. I’ll also be making visits to different gardens, nurseries, trade and public plant shows throughout the year, where I’ll be looking at the plants being grown and sold and sharing ideas that you might want to try in your own garden

Discover plants. 

Enjoy growing!

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