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July and August

This year has been a good one for growing. Plenty of sun and finally some rain just when we needed it. A lot of plants have started into flower early, but they’ve kept flowering, perhaps for longer than they would normally.

The back garden of my north London terraced house is a challenge to keep in flower. It’s long but very narrow and has a tall privet hedge on the sunniest side, which I need to be able to cut two or three times a year. I’ve placed paving stones at intervals along the border on that side, and put pots on the stones so there aren’t gaps. This means I can move the pots out when I need to get to the hedge. To be honest, there’s very little design going on here, I cram the plants in to the soil and the pots get moved in and out as the various plants come into flower and go over. It keeps the colour going and the insects visiting – my garden has been alive with bees, hoverflies and butterflies. Quite a feat in this small space.

Growing plants, comparing plants, writing about plants.

The world of plants is vast and can be daunting, but the pleasure of gardening is in learning what works; for you, for your garden and for the natural world around you. There’s no right or wrong, no better or worse, no-one else can tell you what to grow.

Join me in an exploration of plants. I’ll be updating this website regularly with some of the many new introductions that come onto the market. I’ll also be making visits to different gardens, nurseries, trade and public plant shows throughout the year, where I’ll be looking at the plants being grown and sold and sharing ideas that you might want to try in your own garden

Discover plants. 

Enjoy growing!

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