Visits with interesting plants

Autumn and winter flowering camellias. These are all cultivars of Camellia sasanqua and Camellia hiemalis. From top left going clockwise: ‘Sunrise Serenade’, ‘Gay Sue’, ‘Hugh Evans’, ‘Crimson King’, ‘Setsugekka’, ‘Lavender Queen’, ‘Winter’s Toughie’

Visiting gardens has taken on a whole new level of importance this year. With almost every other form of entertainment off limits and most local walks, lovely as some of them are, becoming all too familiar after the first few months of lockdown, I was definitely starting to crave more of a plant fix. So, once they were allowed to re-open, getting out to gardens that could be reached within around an hour’s drive of home in north London became a goal whenever there was time. Booking in advance seemed mighty strange at first but I soon got used to checking availability against the weather forecast and picking what looked like the best day to go. Packing sandwiches, a flask of coffee and and a camera in my rucksack before setting off for my allotted arrival time has become a habit that I think I will look back on fondly, despite the circumstances that led to it.

I count myself very lucky that I’ve been able to distract myself from such a dismal and scary year by looking at plants and I hope that if you read these blogs you’ll be pleasantly distracted for a while too. As I write this in early December there is finally some real hope that 2021 will see a return to something like normal life, but we still have the rest of winter to get through first. Stay safe, everyone.

Visits with interesting plants. Blog posts 2020

Visits with interesting plants. Blog posts from 2019

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